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A Powerful Return on Investment

Shannon Media Inc. products have been influencing local lifestyle decisions and purchases for more than ten years.

  • Readers who report that the magazines have influenced lifestyle decisions or purchases. 74% 74%

“Shannon Media has become an invaluable business partner… and has offered us exceptional insight into growing our business.”

Heidi Werner Dawson

Director of Sales & Marketing, The Carolina Inn

“We couldn’t imagine NOT advertising in Durham Magazine…”

Mary Katherine Moore

General Manager, Jewelsmith

Extend Your Reach

Attract new customers with our print, digital and events audiences.

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Website Visits

eNewsletter Sends

Event Attendees

Social Media Followers

All totals are annual
*Estimated total based on national averages, including digital issues.

We are the Influencers

There are so many reasons to advertise with Shannon Media Inc.

Brand Trust

Our readers’ trust extends to your brand when you appear in our magazines, events and other products.

Affluent Audience

Our affluent and engaged readers are the tastemakers of the local area. They count on us to advise them about where to eat, live and shop; things to see, hear and do; things to buy and people to know.

Purchase Influence

Magazines outperform other media in driving positive shifts in purchase consideration/intent.

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Unparalleled Audience

Our audience quality is equally important as our content and product quality.
We offer the best audience for our customers and products.

Chapel Hill Magazine

  • 50,000+ Print & Digital Readers
  • Magazine published 8 times a year
  • Annual Relocation Guide
  • 10,000 Weekly eNewsletter Subscribers
  • Thousands of Social Media Followers
  • Community Events
  • Covers Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough

Durham Magazine

  • 59,000+ Print & Digital Readers
  • Magazine published 8 times a year
  • Annual Relocation Guide
  • 11,000 Weekly eNewsletter Subscribers
  • Thousands of Social Media Followers
  • Community Events
  • Covers Durham County

Chatham Magazine

  • 26,600+ Print & Digital Readers
  • Magazine published 6 times a year
  • Annual Relocation Guide
  • 1,000 Weekly eNewsletter Subscribers
  • Thousands of Social Media Followers
  • Community Events
  • Covers Chatham County

Our Multimedia Audience and Distribution Strategy
Guarantee You a Robust & Comprehensive Reach

Our products work together to build the best local multimedia audiences:

  • Magazines
  • eNewsletters
  • Relocation Guides
  • Events
  • Websites
  • Social Media

Multi-tiered Magazine Distribution finds the best readers wherever they are:

  • Direct Mailed to Homes
  • Retail & High Traffic Areas
  • Waiting Rooms-Salons, Spas, Doctor & Dentist Offices
  • High-End Hotel Rooms
  • Community Events
  • Real Estate Agents & Model Homes
  • All Magazines Available Digitally

Frequently Asked Production Questions

What is a bleed?

The bleed is the part on the edge of the page that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper. Artwork and background colors can extend into the bleed area, but essential text/copy should not be. Shannon Media Inc publications require a .125-inch bleed on all sides of full-page ads, and 2 page spreads.

Does my ½ page ad need a bleed?

No; 1/2, 1/4, and 1/3 ads are within the trim size of the publication; therefore, we do not require a bleed for these ad sizes.

What are safety margins?
Safety margins refer to the space between the ad designs critical elements and the edge of the page. Shannon Media Inc requires between a .5-inch or .75-inch safety margin, which includes text as well. Photos and graphics can bleed.
What is preflight?

Preflight is the quality check to ensure that all images, logos, and colors meet our printing standards.

Can I have a few extra days to submit my ad?

The deadlines that we schedule for each publication provide us ample time to design, proof out, and preflight ads before going to press. It is essential to submit your print-ready ads or ad materials by the issue deadline to keep the publication on schedule.

If you need an additional day or two to provide print-ready ads, please let us know as soon as possible.

Where do I send my ad or ad materials?

Each market has a specific email address. These emails come directly to the art department.
Do not send your ads or ad materials to your sales rep.

Send your email to:

Chapel Hill Magazine

Chatham Magazine

Durham Magazine

Heart of NC Weddings HONCW@Shannonmediainc.com

Eblasts/Sponsored Content/Website Banners

How long will it take to design my ad? When can I expect to see the ad proof?
We typically will have your ad proof to you within 3 to 5 business days. However, if we are on deadline with one of our other publications, please allow for a few additional days.
What materials do I need to send for ad design?
  • Hi-resolution photos in vertical and horizontal format.
  • Hi-res logos.
  • Copy that is needed for the ad. Things to consider: address, phone number, services you offer or specialize in, website URL, email, social handles.
Should I send you my brand card or branding style guide?
If you have one, absolutely send that to us! It’s great for us to know if you have specific parameters to stay in line with your brand identity.
What is DPI?

DPI is a measurement of resolution. Ads that are for print must have a 300 DPI. Digital ads, eblasts, sponsored content, etc. need at least a 72 DPI but can be greater.

What are the preferred file types for print?

Logos: High-res logos with 300 dpi; PDF, EPS, JPEG, or PNG with transparent backgrounds. Please send all of your logo iterations if you have them in different colors, etc.

Photos: High-res photos with 300 dpi; vertical and horizontal-oriented photo options are much appreciated. It’s always better for our designers to have more options!

What are the preferred file types for digital ads, sponsored content, e-blasts, etc.?

Logos: High-res or Low-res with at least 72 dpi.

Images: Greater than or equal to 72dpi required; see specific details about image requirements for different digital sponsored content ads below

Image Requirements for Digital Content Categories

  • Sponsored Content for E-Newsletters: 250px x 250px image at greater than or equal to 72dpi
  • E-Newsletter Sponsor Package
    • Banner Ad: 1000px Wide x 288px H JPG or GIF graphic with a preferred URL attached to it of your choice in greater than or equal to 72DPI
    • Sponsor Logo: 150px W x 75px H JPG or PNG in greater than or equal to 72DPI
    • E-Calendar Sponsor Banner: 300px W x 600px H JPG or GIF in greater than or equal to 72DPI
    • Banner Ad: 1000px Wide x 288px H JPG or GIF graphic in greater than or equal to 72DPI
    • Programmatic Ads: Email

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